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Please join us in welcoming the leadership program offered by Eastlake Educational Resource Services (EERS)! Our Leadership Program exists to reach students, connect them with other leaders, help them grow in their faith, and challenge them to discover their ministry and honor God with their lives.

In addition to the Leadership Program, middle and high school students will be able to join a monthly youth group and participate in social or service events to build community and put their faith into practice. Middle school youth group members should 

be in grades 6 to 8 while high school students should 

be in grades 9-12.

In what format will the monthly youth group be? Ah, excellent question. As part of the monthly youth groups, there will be a meal shared together after the meeting, fun games, faith-based talks, videos, or presentations, as well as small group discussions and prayer.

It is not mandatory for your child to participate in the 

Leadership Program, but it is encouraged to help him or her turn into a life-long disciple of Christ. While God does not force Himself on us, neither do I 

want the Leadership Program to be something your child is forced into; rather, it should be something they want for themselves.

A few activities are paid for by the program, but others are paid for through fundraising. I would like to encourage families to contribute to the endowment fund by offering a donation so that we may continue this program and possibly even eliminate some costs. There is no such thing as a small or large donation. All donations go directly towards the cost of activities for current Leadership Program participants, so you can be sure that your contribution will be used as soon as possible.

I send out my contact information with every email and in the weekly bulletin. Please call/text/email anytime. Our Facebook and Instagram pages will also be updated with information about upcoming events.

Major events will require RSVPs. Imagine throwing a party for 400 people, but no one has responded. Such a dilemma! The office welcomes walk-ins but please let us know in advance if possible.


Some major events will have RSVP deadlines because they involve a 3rd party (i.e. bus company, hotel, material supplier, etc.) that imposes a non-negotiable deadline. It is crucial in those cases that parents rsvp on time. We have previously lost time and money due to late responses from parents so please obey all deadlines. Visit the following sites for more

information: Visit 


I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for this upcoming year. No matter what their religion, race, affiliation, or other characteristics are, each teen is welcome. Participation is dependent on parental permission, good behavior, and respect! So, EERS Leadership Progam teens are encouraged to invite friends. Thanks so much!


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